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Thanks to the Internet, businesses can look online to find the right voice over talent for their needs. That doesn’t just apply to commercial advertising, however. Voice over talent is also important for online multimedia, presentations, tutorials and even the telephone “on hold” service.

Elements of an On Hold Service

An on hold service should include at least one standard on hold message. Businesses typically choose a message with wording similar to, “Your call is important to us. Please hold and we’ll answer your call shortly.” More effective on hold services, however, include additional information, advertising and service recommendations. For example, a business might want to add a message to the on hold service asking customers if they’re aware of new promotional pricing for new or existing members.

Hiring voice over talent online to record your on hold messages isn’t enough.A business should be able to test how their copy will sound first. Basic voice over talent services does not typically allow for a sample reading of copy prior to hiring. Some studios will take the copy and record it multiple different ways with an artist and leave it at that. The problem is, if a business doesn’t like the sound or even the voice, then the business will be responsible for paying for the second round of production.

WEENstudio provides voice over online talent for any business and provides samples of copy to clients in order to ensure the highest quality recording.

Author: WEENstudio

WEENstudio is one of the largest content dubbing studios in Dubai. We create turnkey audio ads, IVR voice-over recording, record professional announcers in any language ​​of the world, and sound audio projects for any tasks.

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