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Answers and Explanations. We try to make this as easy, convenient and inexpensive and possible.

Feel free to check out all our professional voice artist by visiting the top main menu link “voices”.

First thing to do is

  • find a voice from weenstudio.com/voices/ You can hear for yourself whether my voice suits your project.
  • cilck the right side button (ADD TO LIST)
  • Click the WISHLIST button
  • fill out the wish-list quote form. Be sure to send us a short portion of your script. or you can attach the script(word format, excel or pdf)

And please, feel free to give direction:  The choice is endless; whatever accent, style or age, So, if you’d like a voice that’s younger, older, natural and laid-back or maybe a sound that’s very authoritative – the recording is yours to direct.

There’s a lot more involved than simply writing a script and giving it to your voice talent to record, if you never done it before.

The script needs to be checked for “people speak” issues (in normal conversation we don’t say “It is over there” we say “It’s over there”, etc. (See Script Services for more information).

Also, there’s pronunciation issues IE: “Taelons Inc.” How would that be pronounced? Tay-lons Ink? Ty-luns Incorporated? How do you pronounce it? We need to know.

Don’t forget phonetics….is RDAT pronounced R-DAT or R-D-A-T? And phone numbers….”1-800″ – is that One Eight Hundred, or, One-Eight-Zero-Zero?

Basically, we look at your whole script and quickly point out the stuff you need to address before the recording process gets underway.

Checking your script before recording mitigates mistakes, avoids cost over-runs.

Yes, we’ve been providing this service for a very long time.

Perhaps you require a female voice, or an alternate male voice to fill a role or two. We can help. We mainly work with professional voice talent whom we’ve worked with before, so there are no surprises.

Please keep in mind that the more voice talent you hire for your voice over project, the higher your rate will climb. This goes for anyone providing professional voice over services. The more talent you hire, the more people have to be paid.

Rates for additional talent varies, depending on who you choose and the amount of material that needs to be recorded.

Please feel free to ask us about our voiceover casting services.

Our prices are based on the length of the script (depending on script length) complexity due to adding music, full production, etc. Our rates are extremely low for the quality of the recording you get. There are no shortcuts taken and our studio is made up of the best equipment in the industry.
Typically, shorter jobs (under a couple minutes long) can be sent back to you within 24 hour of getting the script and payment. Longer jobs we like to promise about 10 minutes worth completed a day, but usually can do more than that.
Absolutely. For new clients, we insist on sending you a sample read before any kind of commitment/payment is made. That way you know how it will sound. It won’t be the full read, but enough for you to get a feel for the quality we provide.
Yes, we have 250+ voice talents (including Arabic and English younger voices) on our new website weenstudio.com that have passed numerous quality tests to ensure you are getting a great voice over for the money. Please go to weenstudio.com/voices for pricing, policies and demos of the available talent.
Yes, we have a full digital multi-track audio production facility and can add music (from our licensed music library or your company theme music free!).
Make sure everything is spelled out as words (such as phone numbers written out as ‘call three two three, etc’) and figure about 80 words for a typical:30.

How many words does a voice talent read per minute? As a general guide; reading slow – 100, regular – 150, VERY fast  – 200.

Check out our online Script Count Calculator.

Yes, Our professional scriptwriters will call you to discuss your goals and answer any questions before beginning to write your script. Don’t have time? Not to worry! We can get started with info from your website.

We’ll give you an opportunity to review everything before it is recorded, allowing you to make any changes if necessary.

WEENstudio engages broadcast-quality professionals who can provide an extraordinary range of reads to reflect the image your company wants to portray. Check out our samples.

We Offer Professional Audio Production Services For
Your Business & Any Language - Any Format

• Any Language – we currently voice in over 80 Languages.
• Any Format – mp3, wav (a-Law, u-Law, PCM), sin, vox, gsm and all other formats needed
• Any Deadline – Most small and medium projects can be completed within 24-48 hours

What sort of things can I use a voice over for?

A professional voice over from Voice Studio can be used in many different situations.

Telephone system messages e.g.

“thank you for calling, our offices are now closed. Please call back during office hours or press 1 to leave a voicemail message”.

Voicemail greetings e.g.

“you have reached the voicemail box of John Smith of Aardvark Communications; please leave your message after the tone”.

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