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Corporate Videos

Professional Voice overs for Corporate Videos and Product presentations.

A corporate voice over added to any corporate production piece puts the final signature on the brand. Whether it is an audio or video piece for external use to the public or an internal piece for employees, using the right voice over can make all the difference in attaining the goals you’ve set out.

Looking for professional voice recording for a corporate video or product presentation? WEENstudio Voice Over is the market leader in Middle East. We produce voice recordings in over 80 languages, including Arabic, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.

From the translation of the text to delivery as a ready-to-use recording. We take care of it all.

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  • Our years of experience mean that projects run smoothly and we deliver on time. Regardless of how complex a project may be.
  • Multiple language versions are produced simultaneously. Projects are ready in a remarkably short space of time.
  • We offer the best rates on the market for professional voiceover services!
  • Our own sound studios mean that we can deliver recording in the format and naming you to require. Ready to use.
  • Background music

How Does the Corporate Voice Over Service Work?

With us, you get a full end-to-end service. We project manage your voice over recording.

This includes:

  • Suggesting the right voice for your budget
  • Negotiating a rate with the voice talent of your choice
  • Guiding the voice over based on your requirements
  • Organising the recording session
  • Quality control
  • Editing and production
  • Delivering professional audio

These days, anyone can upload a voice demo to the internet if they want to try their hand at being a voice actor. It is a fragmented industry with prices and quality varying considerably. With our service you do not have to scour the web seeking countless demos and prices; we have done the work for you. As audio professionals, we know about audio quality and only work with voice-overs who have been quality checked. Furthermore, we only work with voice over artists that we trust to deliver a professional recording on time and on budget.

The Perfect Voice Over Artist (VO) For Your Corporate Video.

The Voice Over Artist (VO) that you choose will quite literally become the voice of your brand. The right voice can create a real, lasting emotional connection between your brand and your customer. The wrong voice can alienate your prospective customer creating negative emotions towards your product. That’s why choosing the right voice over artist is essential.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. We do the sweating so you don’t have to. As a full production company, all you have to do is give us the title, and we deliver a professional, original audiobook that you can be proud to put your name on. In other words, an audiobook that is destined to sell.

Looking for a particular voice? We have it; Fresh, bold, new, unsullied, cunning, young, qualified, newfangled, skilled, Chinese, novel, mint condition, expert, British, practiced, endowed, sexy, proficient, trained, artistic, specialized, certified, talented, dorky, brilliant, capable, inventive, husky. Well, you get the idea.

8 +

Years Experience

1000 +

Happy Clients

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Voice Talents

Professional Voice Recording for Phone System.

Keep in mind experience, quality, and breadth of service are of the utmost importance when choosing a voice recording company. Look for a company that bundles voice talent, a professional-grade sound studio, and the technical expertise to back it up. Email info@weenstudio.com to learn about our on-site talent and facilities, as well as our full library of royalty-free music and effects that can add liveliness and variety to your customers’ IVR recording experiences.

While some voice over services charge for each individual recording or prompt, we take a more practical approach to pricing. After letting you hear a recorded sample based on the text you provide, we record all the IVR prompts you to need, creating separate files as necessary. We then offer a package price for the entire order.

Better customer experience.

Direct callers to the right employee, department, company info, or voicemail so your customers always find who—or what—they’re looking for.

When customers call, your greeting is their first impression—and auto attendant ensures even the smallest businesses sound like a big company.

Audio Quality

When editing and mixing our clients’ projects, WEENstudio exclusively uses Pro Tools, the most advanced and widely used recording platform in the world, so you are guaranteed the highest audio quality.


We are highly sensitive to client requests. Most of our projects are delivered within 24 – 48 hours. Larger projects may take longer, but we are ready to take on any challenge. in a rush?

Quick Casting

Quickly find the right voice actor through our deep search function. We have native talents in every language and we cover every style so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match!

Full Service

Audio recording, audio editing, video editing, transcription, translation, and subtitling, and just about any post-production service you can think of – we can handle it!

Any Format

• Any Format – mp3, wav (a-Law, u-Law, PCM), sin, vox, gsm, and all other formats needed • Any Language – we currently voice in over 80 Languages • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Competitive Rates

Complete your project on time and on a budget!
Whatever your post-production audio needs are, we’ve got you covered! while we take care of you and your project details.

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