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Need voice over actors? Looking for Professional Voice Over Recording Studio? You’re in the right place. We work with hundreds of industry-leading voice actors. WEENstudios offers professional-quality recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.
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Pre-Production is where we make the plan. Scripting and deciding which voice talent to use.

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to match our clients’ varying need. We have experienced experts to help clients’ achieve what they need.

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Multiple processes may take place and they all contribute to enhancing your visuals.

Work with professional voice actors in over 80 languages!

We understand your specific requirement of tone, voice modulation and attitude for various needs. We have a huge pool of professional voice over artists, talented Voice Over artists for you to choose from our samples.

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Here Are Some Milestones

Voice Over Recording Services
for the Insurance industry

Professional IVR Voice Over Recording Studio, Our insurance voice-over recordings practice addresses the professional IVR Voice Over Recording Services needs of any size organization, from local insurance agencies to national providers:

For comprehensive insurance IVR systems, claims processing and policyholder account information management requires a broad range of short voice prompts that need to be seamlessly combined such that the caller dialog sounds natural and conversational.

  • On-hold messaging to promote new services and benefits
  • Claims processing
  • Policyholder account information
  • Accident and loss reporting
  • Coverage questions
  • Customer phone surveys

Voice Over Recording Services
for the telecom industry

Professional IVR Voice Over Recording studio prompts must be recorded and edited to ensure that phrases of all lengths can be smoothly concatenated, with a variety of voice inflections that ensure a natural, conversational flow. Our Voice Artists are trained to maintain consistent vocal characteristics through the life of an IVR system. Our Sound Engineers apply a standard editing process for each individual voice prompt to ensure the same consistency over time.

Marketing Messages supplies inbound and outbound, IVR Voice Over Recording Services in over 80 languages

Professional IVR Voice Over Recording Studio, We support all major telco/IVR platforms, including Cisco, Avaya, Convergys, and Genesys, and Interactive Intelligence. We also support emerging telephony Technologies, such as automated speech recognition (ASR), outbound dialing, mobile, and multi-media applications integrating voice, SMS, chat, and social media.

Voice Over Recording Services
for the banking industry

Our voices can be heard at over 10+ banks nationwide. For banking IVR systems, information intensity and product complexity require a high volume of prompts – many of them short phrases that need to be smoothly concatenated to create a pleasant caller experience. We also provide IVR Voice Over Recording Services for banking on-hold messaging that enables cross-selling of various bank services, as well as narration for customer videos, branch kiosks, and internal training courses.

  • Telephone banking
  • Branch/ATM locators
  • On-hold messaging to promote mobile banking
  • Multi-location/Multi-language Auto Attendant
  • Outbound dialing for collections
  • Customer phone surveys

Medical Voiceover Services for
Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations have employed voice services for phone systems that greet callers distribute them to various departments, and provide information promoting new services.

More recently, however, more emphasis is being placed on patient care and improving processes.

We provide professional-sounding voice recordings that greet callers and distribute them to various departments, but also impart critical information and help patients more easily get access to care.

  • Outbound appointment reminders
  • Medical test scheduling
  • Patient surveys
  • New facility introduction
  • Branches information

Call Center Services for Logistics and Transportation Industry

In the shipping and transportation industry, timing is everything. And as a company transportation industry, you need to keep constant contact with your customers, to ensure them their orders are being processed.

IVR system can provide high-quality service across every point-of-contact with the customer while managing costs.

IVR can be used for simple and repetitive inquiries and save up your support team’s time for more complex sales or support tasks.

While technology can enable these functions on digital channels, many customers would also prefer timely updates and responsive customer service from their logistics providers, as well as to get assistance from them for their inquiries and problem resolution.

Voice Over Services
for hospitality

Phone call management is critical to the success of your hospitality business.
Your guest’s stay usually begins with a phone call. Is it a friction point for your hotel? Bad customer service is a very common guest complaint that can lead to a very bad review.

While you pay attention to room quality, wi-fi, proper billing, etc., let an automated message on hold keep callers in a good mood and staying on the line.

  • Amenities, Local Attractions
  • Weddings, New Year's Eve Packages
  • Family Vacation Packages
  • Spa Services, Restaurants
  • Loyalty Program

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