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IVR Voice Over Recording Services, No matter what your call processing components, from Auto Attendants to IVR and Voicemail, your organization should present a unified sound that represents your brand. IVR menu prompts, produced professionally, give your call processing clarity and brand identity every time your customers and prospects call. The way your organization is heard, especially during first impressions, can directly impact client successes and failures.

When someone calls your company, the first greeting they will hear is your Welcome Greeting.

An example of a common Welcome Greeting is, “Thank you for calling my company.” or “Thank you for calling my company. Your business is truly important to us. Please hold while we connect your call.

Welcome, waiting, voicemail, outside business hours, holidays, delay and full waiting queue), phone number and IVR prompt.

Greeting Types:

Welcome Greetings – the first greeting callers hear when they call your company.

It is called a “welcome message” or “courtesy message” as it is the first message that is heard at the beginning of the connection. This message usually includes only the name of the company called or a few details.

[karma_by_kadar__simple_player title=”IVR Voice -WEENstudio” color=”6″ vc_src=”2222″]
Thank you for calling [Company Name]. To continue in Arabic, press 1, for English, press 2. (Wait for the customer to enter an option.)

Main Menu Options – what callers hear when they are routed to choosing a preferred Department Options.

[karma_by_kadar__simple_player title=”Main Menu-WEENstudio.com” color=”6″ vc_src=”2223″]
If you know your party’s extension, please dial it now. Or
For sales inquiries, press 1.
For technical support, press 2.
To place a purchase order, press 3.
For accounting, press 4.
To find a store location near you, please press 5.
Press 0 to speak with a representative.

Waiting Message – what callers hear when they enter the waiting queue. When there are no agents available and at least one agent is busy, callers will hear this greeting as they go to the waiting queue.

[karma_by_kadar__simple_player title=”Waiting Message-WEENstudio.com” color=”6″ vc_src=”2521″]
All our lines are busy at the moment – Please be patient. We will be with you momentarily – please hold the line, you will be connected to the next available team member shortly.

On Hold Messages for your Business – When your callers are on hold, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to promote your business, company, products, or services. It’s also an opportunity for you to provide generic tips and content that will catch the interest of your callers. This strategy is called being abundant and being abundant in the business climate today can yield your business more dividends by directly increasing the loyalty and satisfaction of your business clients.

Waiting queues allow your callers to wait on you on the line but you should not exceed the waiting time for more than 5 minutes. A queue announcement can also be introduced after the “message before answering”. After the “message before answering”, the waiting announcement is immediately cut.

Hold messages scripts are very powerful for you to keep your callers interested and reduce the tendency of drop calls. Here are some additional samples of hold messages scripts you can use for your business:

[karma_by_kadar__simple_player title=”IVR Voice -WEENstudio” color=”6″ vc_src=”2224″]
With our 215 suites and guest rooms, we are providing the perfect ambiance for your family vacation and a perfect site for your next business meeting and other special events. For more information about us please visit our website (website). one of our hotel customer service representatives will be there for in just a moment.

Voicemail / Not Answered Message – this is the general voicemail greeting callers hear. When all agents are away or offline, and the call is not answered by any agent, callers will hear this message before leaving a voicemail. With more and more calls going to voice mail, why not present the most professional and polished welcome possible to encourage detailed and informative messages that will improve the efficiency of responses.

Please leave a message with your name, contact information, and someone from the appropriate department will contact you on the next business day. Or, email us
at info@COMPANY.com, Thank you.

Outside Business Hours Message – what the callers hear when they call your company or phone number outside of business hours and there are no agents available. If no After Hours IVR is enabled, callers will hear this message and calls will be sent to voicemail, if voicemail is enabled. Otherwise, the call is dropped.

[karma_by_kadar__simple_player title=”After-Office-WEENstudio.com” color=”6″ vc_src=”2215″]
Thanks for calling [Company Name]. Our offices are currently closed. Our business hours are from Sunday to Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM UAE Time, and Saturday 9 AM to 12 PM. If you would like to leave a message in our general voice mailbox, press 1. A representative will contact you the next business day.
You may also email us at [company email].
For more information about our products and services, please visit us at [website]. Thank you.

Full Waiting Queue Message – what the caller hears when the waiting queue is full. When the queue reaches the limit, this message will be played and the caller automatically redirected to voicemail.

Queue Callback Message – what the caller hears when they request a callback from the queue. Once you activate the Queue Callback feature, we recommend that you customize the message callers hear once they have requested a callback from the queue. By default, after callers select the option for a callback from the queue they will hear this message, “You have requested to have the next available agent call you back from the queue. You may now hang up and wait for our call. Goodbye.”

Unsuccessful Queue Callback Message – greeting that prompts the caller to leave a voicemail or call back another time when customers get a callback but are not connected to any agent.

Holiday Greeting –  Optional greeting that plays outside business hours on the day of the holiday, as part of holiday configuration. Create greetings for specific events and holidays to keep customers excited and connected with your business. Provide holiday promotions or advertisements to build customer loyalty or simply let the caller know your business is closed in observance of a holiday.

[karma_by_kadar__simple_player title=”Holiday Message-WEENstudio.com” color=”6″ vc_src=”2522″]
Ramadan Kareem, thank you for calling [Company Name]; For the Holy month of Ramadan, our business hours are from Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm. Please leave a message and we will return your call the next business day. For Emergencies plz call [mobile no.] Thank you.

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IVR is an automated calling system that interacts with your callers through the use of voice or keyed-in responses. The IVR system is able to manage your calls from their first stages and then uses this information to route your callers to the best and appropriate person, internal extension, or outside line.

IVR Voice Over Recording Services, Leaders in IVR Voice Prompt Recording

Leaders in IVR Voice Prompt Recording Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) voice prompts are produced & mastered in our professional state-of-the-art recording studios and are optimized for exceptionally smooth playback over any phone system.

IVR-Interactive Voice Response

IVR Voice Over Recording Services, Interactive Voice Response, or IVR recordings is a great way to present a professional corporate image while streamlining your telephone customer service. Various telephony applications offer you a range of options that allow your customers to answer questions and order services on their own. The more options you want to give your callers, the more voice prompts you’ll need to be recorded.

Do you need professional IVR Voice Prompts or IVR recording service? You’re in the right place! At WEEN Studio, your IVRS and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Voice Prompts will be recorded by one of the best professional male or female voice talents in the industry. We recorded thousands of IVR Voice Prompts for companies worldwide. All voice prompts are recorded and edited to perfection in a professional recording studio and converted into the audio format required for your system.

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