Terms Conditions

  1. The customer assumes responsibility to pay the agreed price which is due according to the payment terms stated in the quote.
  2. All prices are Net prices which means that all additional charges like VAT, customs and other charges imposed by a third party shall be borne by the customer.
  3.  Not until the recording is paid in full shall the customer obtain the permanent usage rights. Non-payment may result in the interdiction of the usage rights.
  4.  The price in the attached quote is valid for the chosen voices.
  5. The price listed includes voice talent fee, booking and studio fee, and unlimited usage rights for IVR’s.
  1. If the customer cancels an order after it has been initiated, WEEN Networks LLC. is entitled to charge a recording fee. The fee cannot be higher than the value of the order.
  2. If a live session or a voice artist booking is cancelled less than 1 working day before it was due to take place, WEEN Networks LLC. is entitled to charge a booking and studio fee. The fee cannot be higher than the value of the order.
  1. WEEN Networks LLC. takes pride in delivering quickly and before our customers’ deadline, and 95% of our orders are delivered on time. However, it is inevitable that a few orders are delayed. In such cases we always strive to be creative and find an alternative solution which will satisfy the customer.
  2. The customer may not claim damage caused by delay for late deliveries or services.
  1. Errors made by WEEN Networks LLC. and their suppliers must be amended without further cost to the customer.
    i. Errors can be: Reading errors, pronunciation errors (despite supplied pronunciation aid), failure to adhere to the style indicated by the customer. Errors in post-production work, such as file splitting, file naming etc. are also the responsibility of WEEN Networks LLC..
  2. If the customer requires text amendments after the point of purchase, there will be an additional charge. Text amendments of up to 200 words by recommended voice talents will be charged AED (pls contact accounts@weenstudio.com). Voice talents, which are not marked as recommended voices, may have prices for text amendments that differ from this amount. In such cases, the customer will be informed about the price for text amendments before the order is confirmed. Text amendments of more than 200 words will be charged at list price.
  3. Retakes and text amendments will be accepted up to 7 Days after delivery.
The editing level for the recording is STANDARD. This means the text is read at a natural pace. You may advise whether it should be a fast or a slow read but if the recording must have a specific length or should be timed to match the contents of e.g. a video, please ask for a different editing level.
Mastering: We recommend mastering for your project. Mastering is an essential part of any production before the recording goes “on-air”. At WEEN Networks LLC. we offer a professional Mastering that includes balancing of the final sound picture to perfection, removal of breathing sounds and assurance of optimal sound dynamics. We recommend Mastering for all recordings except IVR’s.
Please listen to the attached demo to hear the difference between un- mastered audio and two kinds of mastering.
The price for mastering can be seen in the quote.
Translation of your script(s) is NOT covered by our quote. If you need us to provide translation, please let me know.
Background music of your recording is NOT covered by our quote. If you need us to provide background music, please let me know.
The expected turnaround time for the project is 3-7 business days depending on the voice talent’s availability.
By Your EPBAX System Vendor.
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