“Silence on hold” is no longer acceptable.

What are your clients listening to when they are placed on hold? If you provide your clients with nothing, the radio or just music to listen to, you are missing out on the opportunity to grow your business. At WEEN studio. we help you take advantage of this opportunity by offering you a complete, customized, on-hold marketing solution.

Auto Attendant

On-Hold Message Demo

Music On Hold is better than silence but We believe that you should demand more. We believe that speaking to your callers while on hold is a great opportunity to sell additional products and services, enhance your branding efforts, offer a more professional image and provide helpful information to your callers. Our proven formula is outlined below.

Updates to your On-Hold Marketing Message

Our experts can advise you on how often businesses in your industry typically update their On-Hold Marketing recordings. To be effective, you need to update your message at least two times per year to reflect your current products, services and seasonal offerings. As an active customer you will receive automatic reminders to change your recording.

what can your message on hold contain?

informational messages:

Many callers only need basic information about a business, such as business hours, office locations, or fax numbers but like to hear more about the business in lieu of just music. Informational messaging validates your business.


Ween Studio professional voice solution makes it easy to create creative goodwill gestures, limited-time offers and seasonal promotions that can benefit and endear the customer to your business.

event notifications:

Keeping callers aware of the major events in your business such as sales, tradeshows, charities or sponsored events that you are involved with.


Businesses can guide customers to specific services and offerings with promotional messages and advertisements.

preparatory messages:

Help make sure that callers can be processed efficiently and expeditiously by reminding them of the information/ documentation they will need to have on hand for their call. Pose questions to them they will need to answer when they are served.

If you already have PABX or utilize a VOIP system that has built in MOH capability, we can deliver your recording in any format you need.

Listen To Our Voices:

We believe that music speaks to the heart of your business.