We supply professional voice overs. we focus on high quality production with quick turnarounds.

WEEN studio removes the old barriers to using professional voice artists for voice overs. If you’ve ever wanted to improve how your company sounds, but always thought there would be too much hassle (and cost) involved, then VoiceStudio is the answer.

WEENstudio offers over 35 different foreign languages to choose from, and cost-effective solutions to reach multilingual audiences. All our foreign talents are native to their country and professional voices you can trust. We have relationships with the finest available foreign voice talents in the world.

Listen To Our Voices:

We believe that music speaks to the heart of your business.

What sort of things can i use a voice over for?

A professional voice over from Voice Studio can be used in many different situations.

Telephone system messages e.g.

"thank you for calling, our offices are now closed. Please call back during office hours or press 1 to leave a voicemail message".

Voicemail greetings e.g.

"you have reached the voicemail box of John Smith of Aardvark Communications; please leave your message after the tone".

Web audio e.g.

have a ‘Tell me more’ button on your website where customers can hear more about your product or service.